January 16, 2010

What's Cookin': Crock Pot Chicken

I have been converted. I don't think I will ever cook a whole chicken any other way than in the crock pot. I've only done it twice now, but holy cow it's delicious! So juicy, tender and flavorful. It falls right off the bone. And it's stupid easy too.

Crock Pot Chicken - served 4 with leftovers
1 whole chicken - 3.17 (Pick one that'll fit in your crock. Mine was about 4 lbs.)
Spices - .00 (I used a BBQ rib rub that was a Christmas present)

Rinse the chicken in cold water and remove the innards, any extra fat, the tail and neck. Or you can leave them on. Cook's choice. Rub down thoroughly with the spices of your choice. I used about 1/4 cup of the rub. Make sure to get the spices under the skin as this will flavor the actual meat and not just the skin itself. Cook on low for about 8 hours. Remove and devour along with whatever sides you decide to serve. We had a broccoli salad (free - mom brought us an extra) and mashed potatoes (about 1.20 with milk, butter and gravy).

Total: 4.37

Variations: You can go crazy and choose any combination of spices you feel like. Or you can dump a sauce on it. Or maybe just shove some garlic gloves and lemon slices under the skin. That actually sounds really good. I'll have to try that. Crock Pot Chicken is a blank canvas!

I we all ate our fill and I got about 2-3 cups of leftover meat. I also bagged up the bones and those will become stock sometime in the future. I'm thinking the meat will become tortilla soup (real this time) during the week.

Ben Rating: 4


NetRaptor said...

Oh, that sounds really good! I'm going to bake a turkey tomorrow, and I wish I could jam it into my crock pot, but it's too big. Do you think I should use the Good Eats version of turkey cooking? I'd love to brine it, but I lacketh all the ingredients and the cash which with to buy them.

Meg said...

If you have a good pair of kitchen scissors or a sharp knife you could cut it up and make it fit, I'm sure. Otherwise, Good Eats is always a good idea! ;) You could try a rub under the skin before you roast it. Whatever you decide, just roast it breast side down to keep the white meat moist.

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