January 27, 2010

Goodwill Hunting

I have been LOVING Goodwill lately. It's a new thing for me. Goodwill isn't something my family "did" as I was growing up. But when life changes and the budget is tight your perspective becomes different. And now I have found a new thing I greatly enjoy. It's like the coolest treasure hunt ever. Made more exciting by the thrill of snagging something before someone else can (and the possibility of fighting to the death!).

Ben and I went to one of the stores on Saturday while we were out on a date (dates for us include Home Depot and furniture stores. Aren't we exciting? Heh.). We scored two wall clocks for the house and found some other cool things, but didn't get them. One of the things we found were some gorgeous Denmark/Copenhagen collectors plates. We stood and stared at them, but ultimately left without getting them.

And then I sat. And thought about them. The rest of the weekend. So Monday I ventured back to land of treasures hoping desperately that they were still there.

They were! There were four, and I snatched them all up. Each has a different scene, but is the same style. I LURVE them. They will be hung above the kitchen cabinets once I get hangers for them. But that's not all! *cheesy salesman voice* Wanna see what ELSE I got?

Six of the most adorable tea cups. I have a few different ideas for them and I can't decide which to do. Leave them as decoration by hanging them or arranging them (probably just like that). Use them as decorative planters to put a little herb garden in (leaning toward this option). Or just leave them as is and use them for tea. What do you think?

I love little clamp jars like this. There's something about them just seems to send me back to a time before. I found each of these in a different place at Goodwill and I was so excited with each one. I have four all together (as you can see). They're about two inches tall and I think they're the cutest things ever. I'm going to fill them with various things and use them as decoration.

I debated getting this for a long time. Seriously, like 10 minutes just standing there looking at it. I thought it was adorable but wasn't sure about it. Now I'm so glad I got it! I had to do a little rearranging by moving the phone down about a foot. But now it sits perfectly - and level! Go me! - on the wall in our kitchen and holds our mail keys, out going mail, phone numbers, etc. Ben thinks it's cool too, so that was a major bonus. ;)

I have some other things as well, but I'll share those when I'm done with them.

So, anyone else had any awesome thrift finds lately?

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