January 6, 2010

Home Improvement: The Beginning

Move in - April 2009

We haven't done much to our house since we moved in April '09. We did the basics of cleaning, painting (one color in the whole house) and putting our small amount of stuff in. Ben greened up the front and back yards and put a few plants in the planter. We painted the kitchen cabinets white and changed out the pulls. We bought a rug for the living room. But for the most part we were busy having a baby and settling in.

This year we want it to be different. This year we have a big list of things to do to make it our own and the way we want it. This year is a year of change. We want a shed, a chicken coop, a garden. I want to decorate the house and redo the kitchen. We want to put new colors and chair railing through out the house. And a whole bunch more. We know not everything will get done in one year. It all takes money and time. But I think we have a pretty good chance at doing a lot this year.

We've come to realize that the style we like (we got lucky and pretty much have the same style), is a little bit farm house, a little more modern, a little bit fancy. Fancy Modern Farmhouse? Not sure how you could put it. Whatever you want to call it, we know what we like and what we don't like. So keep an eye out over the next year to see a little change from house to home.

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