January 20, 2010

Kid Computer Desk

On Saturday my mum and grandmother stopped by to drop off this:

An adorable little kid's table they found at Costco. They said it was an early birthday present for the boys. I think it is the CUTEST thing ever and decided that it would work great in our office. Our office seems to be the main hang out room, so I figured I would make the boys their own desk so they would have a place to "work" while we're in here.

We have an old computer keyboard that Ben yanked the cord out of, and I had a leftover wireless mouse from a drawing tablet that has since been passed on to Ben's brother. I kept thinking they needed a computer screen, so I came up with this.
I made this "screen" by taking a large piece of cardboard and spray painting it black. Then I drew a two inch border around the edge with a ruler and pencil and colored it in with light blue acrylic paint. Add a couple accents with a sharpie and glue on a button for an on/off button and Tada! Instant (well, you know. After the paint dries) computer screen. I just stuck it to the wall with push pens. So now cute little table becomes:

Small people's "work station". Complete with personalized boxes made by Pa. I hadn't even finished putting up the screen when Bubba sat down and started typing. It was so cute. Since then, they have sat and played at the desk while Ben and I are in here. Total success!

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Farm Girl said...

That is so cute and it looks so neat. I am so glad you guys made it. Good job!!!

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