January 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Since I've gotten feedback that the menus are liked, I think I shall start posting them every Monday. It would have been the fourth and final week of the eat from the pantry/freezer challenge, but we broke down and went to the store because Ben asked if we could go. Since he's not all that excited when we go grocery shopping then I knew it was a big deal that he was asking. So we went and we stocked up. It was nice to do the challenge though as I learned a lot of things. I'll share more in a later post. My menu sheet starts on Sunday and runs to Saturday so here's what I have for this week's menu including yesterday.

Sunday - Beer Mac & Cheese with Ham (If there's an interest I'll get this recipe up)
Monday - Red Beans & Rice - Now cheaper! See post for details.
Tuesday - Leftover Beans (Ben REALLY likes them)
Wednesday - Crock Pot Chicken
Thursday - Leftover mac or beans
Friday - Chicken Pizza  - with leftovers from Wednesday
Saturday - TBD

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