January 14, 2010

HouseWorks: Coat Hangers

These are my new favorite items in the house right now. Since just about the time we moved in we have had a hall tree that my grandmother loaned to us. It's a very nice hall tree, but it's just not our style. Plus the kids climb all over it, which makes me nervous. So Ben got a creative hair awhile ago and decided to make us some coat hanger boards.

He went to Home Depot and picked up some poplar boards and the coat hangers. Then he cut the pieces to length, took off the corners and routed around the face. He painted them black and then roughed up the edges to make them a bit "weathered" looking, then attached the hooks.

They're perfect! I love the combination of "old" and stainless steel. And we have much more space for hanging now. Each of us have a hook with room for guests. If we were to buy a similar set it would have been $60 or more. Ben did both of these for about $30. And now we also get the benefit of them being personal.

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Farm Girl said...

Tell Ben they turned out wonderful. The look so good. I like your new picture of the bread!


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