January 2, 2010

My Version of "Keep The Change"

Have you seen the Bank of America commercials for the "Keep the Change" program? The ones where the narrator tells you that for every purchase you make, B of A will round up to the next dollar and transfer the amount of change into your savings account?

I'm trying something like that. We don't bank with B of A, but I don't see why that should stop us. Each Sunday I sit down and figure out what the change would have been on all of the purchases we make with our credit/debit card. I count everything but loan repayments. So this includes things like the auto insurance payments and PG&E bills, as well as everyday purchases. I add up the change and make a transfer in that amount from our checking to our savings.

We also save all our real pocket change. We put all of the pennies we get into a large antique glass water bottle that we found at an antique shop in Cayucous. This is for the kids. We will break into it when they go to college (or when it fills up and we need to start over). Our "silver" change gets put into a jar and usually about once a year we will take it to the bank for either extra cash or to put in savings. There have been a few years that we've used it for Christmas.

I also had the idea the other day to start taking each one dollar bill we get an put it into a jar or envelope. I bet we could come up with a lot of cash after just a month if we started doing that.

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Farm Girl said...

I like that, I am going to practice that better than I do, I remember once I read a book called a Tree Grows in Brooklyn and the mom in that book had a can nailed down in the closet that she put a dime in each day, it was to buy a house and get out of the city someday. I always think about that and she did save enough to buy a house. It is a old, old book but I have never forgot, just to save a bit it multiples really fast. :)

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