January 10, 2010

Starving Artists Are My Friend

The other day Ben and I were talking about how we needed art for over the couch. We have a large sloped wall that leaves a poor, boring blank area. Ben said that next time they have a Starving Artist sale we should go check it out. The next day while watching the news we saw a commercial for the Starving Artist sale on Sunday (today) at 10 - 4. Perfect timing!

If you're wondering what the Starving Artist sale is... It's a sale (obviously) where you can get really nice paintings for really cheap. We heard today that it is mostly made up of paintings by students that just pay for the class and the schools keep the paintings. The schools then sell them to places like this particular company and the company resells them to the public.

So we packed up the munchkins and went down there a got THIS:

Isn't it GORGEOUS!? There were a ton of paintings there that we liked, but we decided to go with this one since every time we came back to it we would say things like "Wow, I really like that one." Best part is it was only $99 (plus tax). Still pretty pricey, but if we had found this painting in a store it would have been $300 easy. We used money we got for Christmas one it, so it was sort of a gift! I say we scored. We would like to go back next time they have a sale and get more for the rest of the house. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for good, cheap art.

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Farm Girl said...

Wow, you got three columns!! Cool! I like your picture too. HOw fun is that? I am so glad.
I think it looks so nice. I am glad to know that Ben wasn't to wiped out from his day.

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