January 15, 2010

Favorite Thing Friday: My Gas Stove

I had a few other things to pick for this week's Favorite Thing, but after last night I decided it was this.

Last night our power went out for about an hour. Apparently there was a wreck a few blocks away and from what we could tell PG&E had to shut down our grid to fix the power pole that had been run into. And of course, the power goes out when it starts getting dark and it's time to fix dinner. I was very thankful for my stove last night, especially since we were out of bread and I couldn't even fix sandwiches.

This is how I got through dinner with no power. I was going to make spaghetti, but was out of spaghetti noodles so I made a spaghetti-mac instead. I had set the pot to boil before the power went out so cooking the noodles was fine. But then I realized that I would normally bake a meal like this but I can't turn on my oven without power. So I re-lit the stove with a match and mixed a chopped onion, tomato sauce, and about a half cup each of mozzarella and cheddar cheese with the noodles. All this was done by candle light and my book light that I hooked to the cabinet above the stove and pointed over the pot. Then I sprinkled the same amount of cheeses on top, put a lid on the pot and wrapped the whole thing in two towels to "bake". I got weird looks from the people coming in and out of my house, but it worked!

It was so nice to know that even if we have no power I am still able to cook (without having to BBQ). I love my gas stove because it gets so much hotter than electric and it's easy to cook on. But I love it even more now for the piece of mind.


Farm Girl said...

hey cool, I love it when the power goes out, but that you were able to go ahead and cook is awesome. You are so creative. :)

NetRaptor said...

I wish I had a gas stove.

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