January 7, 2010

Home Improvement: The Coffee Table

Let me start off by apologizing for my pictures being such crap. We've had almost no sun for just about a week now and it makes for really gloomy pictures (and slightly depressed me).

I went to Goodwill the other night to get out of the house and have some recharge time. I was looking for a Dining table, but they didn't have anything that large. I will have to try again in a week or two.

After looking around the store for awhile - I was also looking for sheets to make into curtains - I traveled to where I saw some furniture. Lo and Behold I found this!

It was buried under a large TV, but I could see it easily. Ben has been wanting a coffee table for quite a while so that we have a place in the living room to put drinks and things. It's a honey color, which we don't really like. Plus it's also a little beat up and has some crayon marks. So Ben is planning on re-staining it to a dark cherry/mahogany color. It's a about 2 x 4 feet and it fits perfectly in front of our couch. I can't believe I found it! Quite a steal for $30. I will post pictures of it during and after the refinishing.


Farm Girl said...

I like that table!! I can't wait to see it.

Meg said...

It's actually a very nice table. You'll have to see it in person before Ben does anything too it so you can have the full effect of the makeover. :)

jake Bercher said...

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