January 26, 2010

Life Around Here

It's Talk To Me Tuesday over on Tipjunkie.com and she wants to know all about your To-Do lists and schedules. So I figured I would join in the fun and share a little bit of how life works here in our world.

As you guys have seen before, I'm a wee bit anal. I like things to be organized. And though I don't always have a list written down, I have a general list of what needs to be done in my head. I'll start off with a typical day and then go through my usual weekly schedule.

A normal day for us starts with Ben and I getting up around 6:00. I'll make breakfast for him while he makes his coffee, then we'll watch the news together before he leaves for work. Then I have about an hour or so to check email, read blogs, and have some quiet alone time before the munchkins are up.

Most days are pretty much the same in that the boys will munch on breakfast while they sort of watch PBS or a movie and play with toys. Then it's nap/quiet time (yeah right. Like they actually sleep) at 11 and I'll either use this time to clean or relax (or take a nap if I'm super lucky!). They're usually up around 1 so we have lunch then and they will play and run around - no TV after nap time. Some days we will color with crayons and paper and work on recognizing colors.

Ben gets home in late afternoon so we do a quick tidy up about a half hour before that time. Then I start dinner so we can eat around 5:30/6:00. We'll all hang out in the office during various things until the boys go to bed at 7:00 and then it is Ben and I's time to be together and relax. That's pretty much it!

My weekly schedule is where my "list" comes in:

Monday: Laundry and major cleaning (bathrooms, vacuuming, kitchen). Usually bread baking for the week as well.
Tuesday: Any laundry or cleaning leftovers from Monday. Trash gets emptied and fridge gets cleaned out since trash comes early Wednesday.
Wednesday: Bible study & kid play day at mom-in-laws house in the afternoon.
Thursday: Go over the grocery flyers to make a list, then drag my brother along with me to the store since he's here on Thursdays and I use him as the "big strong man" to do the lifting and help with kid-wranglin'.
Friday: Craft Day! I spend this day for me. It's a good time for me to recharge so I'll spend it either knitting (for the most part) or some other crafty thing that needs a lot of time.
Weekend: Weekends are usually house project days. Usually that consists of Ben and a major project and me watching or keeping the kids out of his way.

My schedule's not that rigid. I have a basic outline and then what gets done gets done. If not then oh well, there's always another day. Funny how having kids - who totally don't believe in schedules - make you loosen up. I've been trying to stick in more crafty things throughout the week as we're slowly beginning to decorate. I thought about going into my "food system" and how I shop and do meal stuff, but I think that will be a different post.

Head on over to Tip Junkie and share your schedule if you're up for it!


Laurie Turk said...

I have themes to my days as well. It makes the week so much more fun and organized that way.

Thank you so much for participating in Talk To Me Tuesday. Don't you just love seeing how others run their life! So much fun.


Lynne said...

Great schedule! I too keep a running list "in my head". Only problem is when I need help...not many can read my mind!! Very frustrating! But my DH is learning! thanks for sharing your day.

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