January 22, 2010

Favorite Thing Friday: Tea!

This week must have been crazier than I thought. It's gone by so fast I forgot it was Friday!

This week's Favorite Thing is a cup of hot tea. If anyone ever asked me if there was one thing I couldn't give up, it would be tea (well, after yarn of course). I think the English have it right in saying that a cup of tea can fix anything. There's something so relaxing about sipping the smooth, hot liquid. Tea is how I start my mornings, and sometimes how I finish it. And when I'm particularly stressed out or upset I seem to go make myself a cup without even thinking about it.

I enjoy cold sweet tea during the summer (which is good in it's own right), but there's nothing quite like a steaming cup - with a little sugar and maybe some milk - to calm nerves and make everything right again.


Farm Girl said...

Wow megan, I did not know you liked tea that much. I will make you some next week so you can have something hot to sip too. That is a very nice post and I love your picture.

NetRaptor said...

That is a gorgeous cup of tea. I'd love a clear coffee mug like that, and I also see why photographers go gaga over natural lighting.

What kind of tea is it? I like chai. :-)

Meg said...

It's just Lipton decaf black. That's what I'm drinking right now because it's cheap. But this place has some pretty tasty ones:


If I had the money, I would so get some nice teas. :) I'm particularly fond of oolongs and greens.

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