January 18, 2010

Messy House & Menu Plan Monday

 Happy MLK Day! I hope those of you that have today off get to relax and do what you want. And I hope those that don't get it off have a fairly easy Monday.

Update on the eating from the freezer/pantry challenge: Well, this weekend was interesting. We have plenty of food in the freezer, but nothing easily prepared. So Ben was starting to get a little frustrated by last night. Still two weeks left in the month, but I might wind up breaking down and getting some easy food for him. I'd rather have non-grumpy hubby than not spending much on groceries. At least things for dinner are getting used up. Here's what I have planned this week:

Monday: Tortilla soup with leftover chicken
Tuesday: Pot Roast & Taters
Wednesday: Refried Beans & Mexican Rice
Thursday: Beef Tacos
Friday: TBD
Saturday: Haven't gotten that far yet
Sunday: Same as Saturday

I think this challenge has been very good for me if for no other reason than I'm learning what I consider to be staples. Bacon and ground beef being two of them.

As for Messy House, I think I've been bit by an early bout of spring cleaning. I spent a good part of Saturday rearranging the office closet and have plans for our bedroom closet as well. I will post about the office in the future. I still have a bit more cleaning to do before I get "after" pics. Oh! And Ben got me a new toy this weekend. Will share later. ;)

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