January 11, 2010

"Whatcha Got" Cooking - Week 2

Last week went pretty well for creating meals with what I had in the house. Monday was beans & rice, Tuesday was tacos with leftover shredded chicken & rice, Wednesday was a ham & cheese Frittata using the ham that has gone into just about everything else. Thursday we were invited over to my mum's for stew and Friday was spaghetti. Last night Ben and I sat down to figure out what to have for this week. I have to say it was a LOT easier with him putting in ideas. I think I will have him help me out from now on. I don't usually do "Menu Plan Mondays", but since I am trying to stick with using up what I have I am sharing the menu plan here so you can see how I'm doing. Menus are usually really flexible, so this might change at some point to accommodate cravings. But for now:

Monday: Turkey Tetrazzini using up leftover shredded turkey from the freezer
Tuesday: Pork Sandwiches using up shredded pork from the freezer
Wednesday: Potato Soup from the freezer (this will go in the Crock Pot to heat up all day)
Thursday: Spaghetti if I have noodles left, or some sort of tomato sauce & pasta bake to use up the leftover sauce.
Friday: Leftovers, or something simple
Saturday: Most likely a crock pot chicken
Sunday: TBD

Even after all that I still have a lot of things left to plan from. Just in meat alone I will have 4 chickens and a beef roast after this week. I can easily get two more weeks out of what I have (with little trips for milk/eggs and produce, of course). I have a lot of banana nut muffins in the freezer and I thought I would make them up into banana bread pudding for desert sometime this week. This has actually been really fun seeing how much we can NOT spend in groceries this month.

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Farm Girl said...

Cool Megan, I love to read menus!! Will came in after he read this blog and said, Wow, how am I ever going to find someone like Megan who cooks!! I thought it was cute.

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