January 28, 2010


I have been thinking for awhile about merging my knit blog with this one, and just having every bit of my life in one, convenient location. I had just been waiting for a post about knitting to actually do that. And now... now I have something for you.

Those who know me are aware that I have been knitting a Christmas Tree Skirt (CTS). I have been knitting it for way. too. long. (Like, 2 years too long). Every year (around Christmas) I decided I was going to finish it. And every year gift knitting got in the way, or I really just wanted to knit something else because... Well. I hated the CTS. Hated it with a passion. It has been the bane of my existence since December of 2007. I don't know why I hated it. I just did. The same thing happened this last year. I didn't finish. But this time I decided that I wasn't going to knit anything else until I finished this stupid thing.

Well, my darling readers, I am SO happy to tell you that I have FINISHED it! It's DONE! No more shall I have to cross a cable. No more shall I spend 15 minutes or longer to knit one stinkin' row (the bind off took 45. 45 MINUTES!). No longer will I see red and start to cry! No more!

Project monogamy is very difficult for me. I like having a bunch of things on the needles. I like being able to take my pick of something to do. My hands are happier that way - I learned that this much acrylic makes my hands hurt. So not starting anything else until this thing was done was incredibly good motivation for me. Now I am done (aside from blocking and weaving in ends), and now I can move on. 

I used the Christmas Tree Skirt pattern by Ann V. Gallentine, but I changed it up a little bit. I changed it to work all as one piece instead of having to sew it up at the end since I hate sewing up. I also changed the cables to be mirrored on each side of a section rather than the same.

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver  in "0319 Cheery Red" ~ 6 ish balls (I think. Something like that.)

Needles: US 8/ 5mm Susan Bates circulars

One of my unofficial knitting goals/resolutions this year is to see just how many miles I can knit. I started a new ball the beginning of January and it took me an additional ball and 15 yards of a third to finish the CTS.

YTD miles for 2010: 0.42

Now I can start everything ELSE I've been wanting to knit for the past 2 months. :D


NetRaptor said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That's like dinging 80 after a long grind from level 1, man! Now go buy your epic flyer. Or a pizza. Something to celebrate. :-)

Project monogamy, lawl. Think of it this way: The definition of genius is the ability to focus on one thing at a time.

Meg said...

Well then with that definition I'm friggin Einstein! o.O

Aparna said...

Hi, I am trying to knit this one in the round too. Guess not many knitters really likes sewing. I am about at the point where the cable work starts and already my longest circular needle is not enough to hold on the stitches. How did you do it ??

Appreciate your suggestions

Meg said...

Hi Aparna,

I just had to squish them all together on the cable. I think I was using a 32" long circular. If you still can't fit them all, you might want/need to get a longer circ. Hope that helps!

Aparna said...

Thanks ! Just knowing that its been done before.. puts me at ease. Will let you know once I'm done - in a couple of years :-))

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