January 24, 2010

Sometimes Club Stores Are Useful

We try not to shop at Vons. It's really expensive, even with the club card. We'll run in for emergency stuff if we have to, but for the most part we shop at Foodsco and other places that are cheaper. But this week when I got the grocery flyers I saw a really awesome deal on ground beef. How awesome?

99 freakin' cents a pound awesome! So I decided going over budget was alright if it meant I could stock up with such a good deal. I got about 18 pounds and paid $18.09. As you can see, the full price would have been ridiculous (at least to me) but this is a total score. I am even thinking about going back and getting more while it's still on sale.

I bagged it all up into one pound servings and popped them into my freezer. This should last us quite awhile.

Getting deals like this had made me think more about the grocery budget and sticking to it. I should stop beating myself up if we go over a little. I guess it all evens out eventually since now I won't have to buy ground beef for awhile. As long as it's still under control then a "ball park" is OK.


NetRaptor said...

Holy crap. How long is that sale going on? I gotta get me some money and get down there. 0.o

Meg said...

I know! It's crazy! This week's flyer runs til Tuesday (26). Sometimes they go another week, but if you can swing it I'd get them now since that's not a guarantee.

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